Skills and Training

There are two components to a strong training program:

Skills and Attitude
Our strong training program builds skills by guiding the employees through a Series of exercises over a period. Skills taught and less concentration on attitudes is less of a training issue and more of a cultural fit issue. Helping a new employee to fit into the culture of our company is part of the trainer’s job. Admittedly, we do look for personnel with a positive attitude and a teamwork approach. Therefore, we face reduced challenges and simply coach and mentor them in developing the necessary skills for the job.

Employee Training
Our successful training program can take an officer from their current skill set to an advance level. Officers learn the need for proper record keeping and not merely the
task but the reason for the task. Our goal is to produce an officer who thinks on his feet.

Employee Retention Issues
In our industry, there are numerous issues involved in employee attrition (low employee retention). From our research, we believe that pay (wages plus benefits)
and not enough time-off are the main reasons for officers leaving. We have addressed these with creative rostering and the involvement and consultation of our officers.

Wages and Hours
Our employees are paid fairly for their work. Officers who are young and entering the services are encouraged to seek education to rise within the ranks.
We foster a spirit of balance as most employees want some level of work-life- balance, so they that they may have quality time with their families.

Training And Development

Pegasus Security Services Limited Training & Development programs are geared towards the development of all employees within the organization, not only in security operations also in other departments.
Training forms the core of our developmental programmes and all officers from recruit to Junior Managers also are incorporated into these programmes.
To the recruits, whether they’re experience or not, new employees must pass through our induction program which is standard. Highlighted below are some of the areas all personnel must receive training;

Some of the areas of training are as follows: -

  • First Aid, CPR & AED Training
  • Fundamentals of Security
  • Baton Drill Basic
  • Customer Service
  • Appearance and Turn Out
  • Communication – Use of Radios
  • Use of Pocket and Station Diary
  • Location Standing Orders
  • Paying of Compliments
  • Use of Force
  • Powers of Arrest
  • Patrol and Fixed Post Duties
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Public Relations
  • Drill and Physical Training
  • Crowd and Location Management
  • Police Regulation and Supplemental Police Act
  • Anger Management
  • Health, Safety & Environment Training
  • Basic Crime Scene Investigations & First Responder Training
  • ISPS Code
  • Industrial Plant Protectors Course
  • Executive Protection and Body Guard Services