Safety Policy Statement

The health and safety of our employees and customers are our paramount concern.
Safety embodies all our operations, and our central motto is:

General Statement
This policy seeks continuous improvement and compliance with legislation, having proper regard to the protection of people, premises, property and the environment. Based on the principles that:

  • The prevention of all injuries
  • The goal is zero injuries
  • Safety is the responsibility of all employees
  • A Safe working environment is a condition of employment
  • Management at all levels is tasked to ensure that so far as is reasonably

    a. There are adequate arrangements and organization for health and safety in place within their area of responsibility
    b. Deligating the responsibilities for carrying out these arrangements
    c. Members of staff receive all appropriate information, instruction, and training
    d. Adequate supervision is provided to ensure compliance with policies and safe systems of work" “If you cannot do it safely, don't do it."

All other legal and statutory duties for health and safety incumbent upon the Pegasus Security Group within all of the operations and our locations
comply. Performance targets are set to achieve positive incremental change in safety performance, adequate resources allocated, and competent
persons are appointed to support the achievement of the above objectives. We have developed the following high-level health and safety policy, which
embodies all of our operational health and safety policies:

The Management of Pegasus Security Group is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all of its
employees at work and also the safety of customers and others. We will continually monitor the health and safety performance of our operations, which will be subjected to periodic safety audits to assess performance. Report any hazardous condition or practice that may cause injury to people property or the environment.

  • Obey all rules, signs, and instructions.
  • If you do not understand, speak to your manager before you start work.
  • Keep your work area clean and tidy.
  • It understood that disorder might cause accidents, waste time, energy and materials.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment as required.
  • Keep it in good condition, wear it correctly and ask for a replacement if it becomes damaged or unfit for use.
  • Report to the manager all accidents, incidents and near misses.
  • Seek immediate help and first aid (if necessary).
  • Do not adjust, modify or repair any piece of work equipment unless you are competent and authorized to do so.
  • Use only the correct tools and equipment for the job. Check that they are in good condition before use and use them safely.
  • Before lifting, assess the load and your capability to move it.
  • Make sure you get help with any heavy or awkward items and follow approved techniques.
  • If you have any suggestions to improve safety in your workplace, tell your supervisor or manager.
  • We also require contractors to comply with this policy while they are working on our premises.

All employees of Pegasus Security are required to comply with the directives set out in this policy:
Gary L. Kalliecharan
Chief Executive Officer