Professional Conduct

What separates our personnel from others in the industry is the level and variety of training they receive. Pegasus’ goal is to identify, enhance and develop the skills necessary to make each Officer successful; and to become the leader in the industry by redefining the meaning of the word service. New employees participate in our intensive pre-employment, classroom training while existing personnel receive enhanced developmental training.

  • Before being employed officers are screened and investigated, this process is on-going.
  • Drug testing is mandatory and also done randomly.
  • Security Supervisors are dispatched from our Head Offices to ensure officers’ Appearance and Turnout are in keeping with a high degree of professionalism.
  • Smoking is prohibited by all officers in uniform on the client’s location.
  • We ensure Standing Orders tailored to the needs of the client at all facilities and rigid enforcement of these rules and penalty for any infractions results in corrective measures taken against the offending party
  • All officers will be required to perform duties on a shift system of no more than twelve hours per duty.
  • The supervisor will provide site visits to personnel on duty at various locations on regular intervals consistent with the industry standards.

  • Radio or programmed company’s cellular communications are regularly made from our Headquarters to all Officers on location 24 hours per day.
  • Our commitment is to serve the best interest of the client by further extending the training of all officers in Basic First Aid, Fire Prevention and Anger Management.
  • Crowd Control and Industrial Security techniques are also part of our commitment to continuous training.

    Our policies, procedures, and rules set a definitive course in a variety of fields and circumstances. These are referred to in our organization as Standing Orders Procedures (SOP). Pegasus Services Limited adopts a functional authority approach in its day-to-day management of its resources. We have accomplished t h i s by giving to the senior officers of the firm the authority to provide advice on some matters and to ensure the proper deployment of resources.

    Important principles of management are adopted and adhered to by personnel in our firm. Objectives stated and none conflicting, each duty position is defined. The relationship of one position to the other is clear. Unity of command principle is in effect, and the chain of command maintained at all times.